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park county events and sports photographer and videographer

Terms and Conditions


The services provided to each client will be specified in writing in one of two ways.

1) A promotional deal on a flyer, graphic, or PSDM website that is only good for a certain length of time that will specify different package options including but not limited to- 

length of photoshoot or video, number of locations, number of outfit changes, and number of downloads (ranging from social media quality at 1080 to high quality images or deliverables  if any, that are INCLUDED in agreed upon package.) Day and time will be agreed upon between client and Park Summit Digital Media in writing over text, message, or physical written agreement.

2) An agreed upon contract signed on or before the date of photoshoot or video. Contract must include, price, time, day, location (s), length of photoshoot or video, number of locations, number of outfit changes (if any), and number of downloads (ranging from social media quality at 1080 to high quality images) or deliverables, if any, that are INCLUDED in agreed upon package. 


Unless otherwise specified in agreement, 100+ images or videos will be posted to online gallery for viewing within 2 weeks of scheduled shoot. Clients can pay an additional fee for expedited editing and access to images and/or videos if Park Summit Digital Media agrees. The time frame in which deliverables (any prints, fully edited downloads, ect. included in package) will be received by the client varies and will be specified in the agreement.

We are only obligated to keep the photos on the gallery for two months after all the photos have been posted. The client must choose their favorite images and deliverables within that time frame or run the risk of losing access to the online gallery.


An email with the link to the viewable gallery will be sent to client (s) within a two week time frame unless in the agreement each party has agreed to transfer photos or videos an alternative way or within a different specified time frame. Screenshotting or otherwise capturing images on the viewable gallery is not allowed.

Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, no one other than Ryan Lundgren has permission to edit, add filters, crop or otherwise alter an image taken by himself.

All copyright belongs to Park Summit Digital Media and Ryan Lundgren is the Sole Owner and Creator of all deliverables. 

Unless otherwise specified in contract, Park Summit Digital Media retains license to all images- even ones paid for by client, to use for promotional purposes or in our business or personal portfolio. If you have photos or video you do not want used for these purposes that must be explicitly detailed in the contract. 


If an unforeseen emergency due to weather, bodily harm, or transportation arises that causes Park Summit Digital Media or the client to need to reschedule both parties will not be charged a fee. In such a circumstance Park Summit Digital Media is not required to refund any deposit that has been paid, but will do so at our discretion.

Non-emergent cancellations/rescheduling will be handled as follows:

You MUST arrive to session location within 15 minutes of agreed upon time frame or risk having to pay late fee of $25. If you are 30 minutes late we reserve the right to reschedule and can still charge you $25 late fee as well. If you need to reschedule your session a notice of 3 days must be given before the day of the session via phone call or text to 9705562904. Often times Park Summit Digital Media will forgive lates fees. However, we reserve the right to charge fees for being late to session or charge for full value of session should you fail to show up completely.

If Park Summit Digital Media needs to reschedule a session for non-emergent reasons we must give client 3 days notice via client’s primary form of communication with the opportunity to reschedule within two weeks time. If we fail to give specified notice then the client will receive a free 30 minute photography session with no downloads or prints but access to purchase from the full gallery as compensation.


Payment for photoshoot must be paid in full at the time of session.  


Indemnity clause: Park Summit Digital Media is not responsible for any harm loss or damage that any of our clients suffer that is a direct or indirect result of using our services.

Refer a Friend Deal

If you refer a friend to Park Summit Digital Media and they pay for any of our services they will receive $50 off and you will receive a  $50 discount on future services with us. This discount may only be applied with another discount, Promotion or Deal at our discretion- please contact us if would like to combine this with another deal we offer. The service for the friend you refer must be completed and paid for in full before you can receive your $50 email discount. 


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