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Scheduling a photoshoot/video shoot and finding someone to capture your brand or precious memories can be difficult to say the least. In our ever changing digital world it can also be very confusing. We want to provide you a stress-free experience that allows us to freeze a moment of time that you truly enjoy and cherish. In order to put you at ease we have 3 curated Q&A lists to hopefully answer any of your questions. If we're missing something from the list contact us using the box below and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Photography Services

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Video Services

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Real Estate and Events

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  • How do I book my photography session?
    Reach out to us via our website, call, text or email. Include details about what you are looking for and we will get back to promptly with follow up questions, package options and ideas about your photoshoot. It helps to include the dates you have availability for a session so we can check our schedule right away. Once you pick a package we will find a great location with you and discuss your wardrobe and color palettes. Then we will send over an agreement detailing the session and deposit information. We request a 20-25% deposit to book your date.
  • How is the price for my photoshoot determined?
    The price for each session is determined based on the length, location, number of downloads, type of downloads and number of prints (if any) that are included in the session. More expensive packages are typically a better deal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some amazing photos for a great price!
  • Why is photography so expensive?
    Although it may appear that all photographers do is show up to the session and take pictures, the reality is that running a photography business is expensive and time consuming. When we aren’t at a photo shoot we spend our time updating our website, buying new gear, researching new techniques/taking workshops, marketing our services, communicating with clients, and editing, editing and more editing. We price ourselves as low as we possibly can while still making a wage that matches our skill level and experience. We purchase new gear regularly to provide higher quality images and the amount of subscriptions and software we pay for should be a crime. All jokes aside, our family so appreciates all of our clients’ willingness to see our worth and value our services enough to pay for them. This business wouldn’t exist without you guys!
  • What is a print release download?
    A print release download gives you the right to use the photo for printing as many time as you would like. Our sessions typically include print release downloads unless the client requests digital/web share downloads to stay within their budget. Print release downloads are full quality and can be blown up and printed onto large canvases without losing the quality of the image.
  • What is a digital/web sharing download?
    A digital download is less expensive and gives you permission to share the photo digitally, use in a digital picture frame or keep on your phone or computer for viewing. They are lower quality, but are perfectly sized for posting and viewing virtually.
  • What is a commercial use download?
    If you purchase a commercial use download that means you have the right to use the photo to make money. The download will also specify if you have the ability to print the download or if it is just for web use (perfect for your website or social media.)
  • What should I wear to my session?
    The most important thing is that you are comfortable in what you are wearing! We always recommend a pop of color with a few different neutrals that compliment one another. We also love sending color palettes to our clients to help them choose their wardrobe. With Colorado’s ever changing weather it’s also very important to dress with that in mind. Make sure you bring a jacket that you wouldn’t mind wearing in the photos in case it’s a cool summer evening. For winter photos we recommend wearing scarves, hats and gloves to ensure everyone stays warm and happy! After all, people look the best in pictures when they aren’t freezing cold and forcing a smile. Whatever you wear we are confident you will love your pictures and the memories that last for years to come!
  • How does the online photography gallery work?
    After a session we work hard to go through all the images and get rid of any blurry or unusable pictures. Typically you can expect 100+ photos to view in your gallery for per 1/2 hour of your photoshoot. Galleries are typically delivered within two weeks of sessions, but usually we get them to you faster than that! From the images in your gallery you will be able to pick your favorites for downloading or even purchase the entire collection if you want. Prints and additional downloads that aren’t included in your package are available for purchase. Once you pick the downloads you want we will edit them further and deliver them to you.
  • What location should I pick for my photoshoot?
    Everyone is different, which means everyone prefers a different location based on their needs and vision. Big families visiting the mountains and staying in a vacation rental often desire an easily accessible location close to, if not on the property where they are staying. Couples and seniors tend to be adventurous and have big views or intimate settings in the wilderness in mind. It’s up to you! Just let us know what your dream location is and we will help you find a place! If you have absolutely no idea of a location we have many different places we frequent to recommend.
  • What is included in my photography package cost?
    All of our photography packages come with a session time frame, gallery of photos to view and downloads that come with the package. Some packages also include free prints. If we deliver you package options and you would like a more customized option, just ask!
  • Can I bring my pet to my session?
    Yes! Just make sure you let us know beforehand and prepare by bring a leash or kennel to ensure you pet stays safe in the great outdoors.
  • Do you sell prints?
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  • Can you photoshop me?
    Can you make me look like I'm in my favorite movie/book?
  • Can you take pictures with a drone?
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  • How do you decide on a shot list?
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  • What's your limit on hours?
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  • Do you provide all of the unedited footage?
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  • Do you record audio?
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  • How do you ensure high quality audio?
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  • How long does it take to see the video?
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  • Can you shoot in 4K?
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  • I have a friend that can do this for free, why should I hire you?"
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  • How do I know how long my video should be?
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  • Do you have the ability to capture drone video?
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  • Would you come out just to record and deliver a short timelapse?
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  • Where are you guys based out of?
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  • Do you travel?
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  • How many Photographers / Videographers do you have?
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  • How many sessions have you filmed / shot?
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  • How long have you been a photographer / videographer?
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  • When is the best time to book?
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  • Do we get to meet you before our shoot?
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  • Do you charge a fee for being late to the session?
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  • What gear do you shoot with?
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